Artist Mira Savini

I was born into a small but loving and democratic Crimean family: my father is my main example of a highly moral man, and my beloved grandmother, grandfather and great-grandmother, who, unfortunately, are no longer alive. My mother never raised me and was not interested in my life, so for me she is a stranger.

Our family did not have the financial ability to buy me expensive materials for drawing and teach me at expensive universities.
So I painted with everything I could get my hands on, everything I could find at home: stinking paint and floor brushes, the back of calendars, plywood, boards, outline cards, the most ordinary watercolors and glue brushes. And I would love to enter the faculty of architecture in a neighboring city, but unfortunately the financial issue in our family left much to be desired.

I went to work and entered the environmental faculty in my city by correspondence. This education was of no use in my life, but I continued to draw on my own.
From a very early age, I tried to draw not a real picture, but wanted to convey the meaning, a certain philosophy of drawing. Therefore, now proportions are not as important to me as the meaning and special reflection of the plot is important. And also the neatness of the lines, even if it is an abstraction.
My goal has always been to show my vision and express what I feel truly and in my own way.

That is why I will not have two identical paintings or 100% similarity with reality. But it is your choice whether to follow me, my work, or choose another artist who is close in spirit and mood to the drawing.
I let my subconscious go free, but at the same time I cannot offer the viewer an outright soulless daub that is not difficult to repeat. Having gone through life, devaluing my art, it seemed to me that I was just another artist, without a clearly defined trait. But when I showed my paintings to the world, hanging them on the walls of my studio, people began to be interested in them and buy them.
This was the birth of my self-confidence.
Over time I moved on to large orders and clients all over Europe trusting me.
Now I professionally and efficiently make facade drawings and paintings, organize my own exhibitions in Europe, and give interesting master classes filled with meaning and freedom.

And finally, about me - a remark from the description of my collection “22 shadows”, which reflects my essence:
“Our fears are just shadows that do not stand in their place. And if we show our talent, our manifestation to the world, the world will only come from this will win, become more positive and useful. Fears are just our attitudes, patterns that prevent our talent from shining and saturating with energy those who need it. By placing the shadow in its place, we will reveal to the world our bright manifested talent, from which our heart vibrates and fills energy, and which we pass along the chain, supporting each other in our beginning to emerge from the shadows of doubt."