Artist Mira Savini

Imagination is the ability of my mind that the Universe has given me to convey feelings, beauty and reality from within my world. As a child, I drew intuitively, in my own way, using everything I could draw with: smelly and sticky wall paints, glue brushes, broken pencils. I grew up and my passion for drawing turned into a way of life. To this day I don't want to just copy what I see. My goal has always been to show my feelings and express what I feel truly and in my own way.
That is why I will not have two identical paintings or 100% similarity with reality. But it is your choice whether to follow me, my art or choose another artist. Having gone through my own life path of devaluing art, it seemed to me that I was just another artist, without a clearly defined feature. But when I showed my work to the world by hanging it on the walls of my studio, people started buying it. Over time, I moved on to large orders and clients throughout Europe trusting me.
Now I professionally and without fear paint facade murals, interior paintings, develop paintings on canvas, organize my own exhibitions and master classes.
Stay with me if you appreciate art and like innovation and experimentation.